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Cross Cultural Consultants is a business with a finger to the pulse of news in Australia, particularly when it’s related to the journey of Aboriginal people. We’re busy in our own work, but we think that it’s important to have a platform for sharing our opinions on certain important topics, as well as drawing attention to what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis. Feel free to read some of these articles below, and we’d love to hear your own feedback, especially on our facebook  or Linkedin page


Unleashing The Creative Potential Of Aboriginal People

From art, to dance and theatre and even comedy, Aboriginal people are now stretching out into their creative potential, and many Australians are embracing the trend. It’s why we’re seeing musicians like Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu reach…

Can People In The Dominant Culture Truly Understand Racism?

It’s the battle cry of white Australians, arguing against an uncomfortable reality: Australia’s not a racist country… we’re so multicultural. Yes, Australia is certainly a multicultural country, but to suggest that would preclude racism…

Why is Reconciliation important to modern Australia?

Reconciliation… More than 200 years after the English invaded the land they so erroneously entitled Terra Nullius, it seems that much has changed for the worse, and very little has changed for the better for the original people, the…

Stan Grant Speaks, We All Listen

So impressed and absolutely blown away by the wise words of Stan Grant at the 2015 IQ2 Racism Debate, which has been getting quite a bit of attention online of late. This speech is one every Australian should watch and take a long hard think…

What We Want To See From Turnbull's Indigenous Agenda

There are so many things that Turnbull could choose to focus on in his time as Prime Minister of Australia, things that could make a valuable difference to the lives of Indigenous Australians. Here are some of the things that we'd like to see...

Australian Racism and Adam Goodes

Working in the industry that we have, the staff and trainers at CCC have seen a lot of racism. Some is overt and in your face by people who have not been able to deal with cross cultural events in their life or have been indoctrinated by their families’ inability to…

CCC Attends NTIBN Networking Event

Cross Cultural Consultants very much enjoyed attending the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network's (NTIBN) recent networking event, held on Friday 31st of July. The event had a focus on construction, but was headed by Jason Elsegood who holds the voluntary position of the NTIBN's Chair.

CCC Director Leads NTIBN

At Cross Cultural Consultants we're always interested in getting involved with the growing number of Indigenous businesses in the Northern Territory. There is so much potential in the workforce for both Indigenous businesses and Indigenous workers...