30 Years of CCC

Celebrating Three Decades In Business

As a small business, Cross Cultural Consultants have always believed in the importance of celebrating milestones, both big and small. There can be many challenges and obstacles associated with running a business, felt even more as a small Indigenous businesses. It is a feat to have succeeded within Australia’s competitive business landscape and to survive a year, then five, then a decade, with each year bringing new adversities and opportunities for growth and development.

In 2019 Cross Cultural Consultants celebrated 30 wonderful years in business. Three decades of working across the Northern Territory, Australia and internationally. Now that is a milestone.

The Start Of Cross Cultural Consultants

Cross Cultural Consultants began back in 1989 in a Darwin that seemed very different from the community we operate in today, but with many of the same challenges. Our founders recognised a clear gap in the availability and perceived importance of cross cultural training and effective community engagement. Ever so slowly, Cross Cultural Consultants progressed from a single individual trying to make a difference, to a team of passionate people fighting for change in a challenging social and cultural environment. Along the way our concepts, ideals and values also evolved, creating the diverse and dynamic company we are today.

What set Cross Cultural Consultants apart was that we realised the need for flexible and independent cross culturally focused training as a support for effective engagement with Aboriginal people, communities, organisations and stakeholders. Over the past three decades we have had the pleasure and privilege of working with individuals, companies and organisations of many shapes and sizes, spanning every conceivable industry, in the journey towards improving cross cultural awareness, and culturally responsive processes and policies at all levels.

Cross Cultural Consultants Now

Cross Cultural Consultants looks very different now to the business we were in 1989. What started as one room in a residential home has expanded into a modern office, and a single training course has grown to a wide and varied selection of culturally responsive solutions to support sustainable outcomes including:

  • e-Learning Services & Cross Cultural Training

  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Mentoring & Staff Development

  • Aboriginal Business and Workforce Capacity Building

  • Reconciliation Action Planning

  • Strategic & Policy Planning and Advice

Along with these, we also offer an increasing range of tailored and custom services and training to both our existing and future clients.

Cross Cultural Consultants have come so far in our business journey, and in reflecting on our successes, and the challenges and the obstacles we have overcome, we have nothing but great expectations for an exciting future for our business. This year, is a year of celebrating and looking forward for the Cross Cultural Consultants team, and we hope you will join us as we draw attention to some of the exciting work we have been involved in, the clients we currently work with, and share some of our plans and goals for the three decades to follow.

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far, and we look forward to working with you into the future!

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