Consultancy Expertise
Consultancy Expertise

Providing tailored advice, mentoring, and support for organizational success.

Empowering Communities
Empowering Communities

Enhancing capacity and community benefit through co-design methodologies.

Reconciliation Leadership
Reconciliation Leadership

Guiding organizations in the development and review of Reconciliation Action Plans.

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Consultancy Services

Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC) is a proudly Aboriginal-owned and offers a range of consultancy services that provide a diverse array of methods, approaches, and outcomes, all tailored to strengthen our clients’ abilities to meet their organisational goals and objectives. Our dedicated team leverages their expertise in research, writing, communication, training, analysis, and planning to work hand in hand with the strengths of organisations and their client communities. This collaborative approach enhances their capacity to deliver services that ultimately benefit their communities.

Our Proven Track Record

CCC has a rich history of collaborating with a multitude of organisations to help them identify their key aspirations, priorities, and program initiatives. We’ve built frameworks that support their actionable plans, ensuring that they can thrive in their respective domains. Our experience is founded on the principles of participatory-based, co-design methodologies, and innovative delivery methods. Some of our notable achievements are:

  • Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs)

    We have worked with RAP working groups across multiple locations and diverse regions to co-design, develop, and launch their RAPs. These plans are instrumental in fostering reconciliation and inclusivity.

  • Community-Based Cultural Orientation Programs

    CCC has co-designed and developed programs that foster cultural understanding and local capacity building, thereby creating employment opportunities for local people on their own land.

  • Community-Led Governance and Policy Development

    We facilitate collaborative efforts between key community members, service providers, private/corporate sectors, and government entities to develop governance structures, policies, and program initiatives that are community-led and co-designed.

  • Cultural Learning Frameworks

    We work closely with specific sectors and business focus areas to create cultural learning frameworks and training options that align with the organisation’s action plans, ensuring that cultural competence is embedded within the organisation.

  • Cultural eLearning Programs

    In this digital age, we’ve adapted by developing online induction cultural eLearning programs, along with face-to-face training programs. These offerings support organisational cultural learning frameworks, ensuring that learning outcomes are met effectively.

Our Consultancy Services

In addition to our extensive training programs, Cross Cultural Consultants offers a range of consultancy services that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. These services encompass:

Culturally Appropriate Advice & Brokerage

We provide guidance and facilitate connections to ensure culturally sensitive and respectful interactions in various business settings.

At Cross Cultural Consultants, we take immense pride in our Indigenous heritage, and we are passionate about empowering organisations and communities to thrive. Our commitment to inclusivity, cultural understanding, and co-design methodologies has made us a trusted partner in helping our clients achieve their goals and benefit the communities they serve. If you’re looking for a partner to guide your organisation toward a brighter, more culturally enriched future, contact Cross Cultural Consultants today.