Online Training Solutions

Cross Cultural Consultants offer several online training options including a suite of eLearning modules complemented by bespoke virtual and yarning sessions with a skilled facilitator to unpack learnings and conduct self-reflective practice in a safe and professional setting. This training is delivered both nationally and internationally to a vast number of clients from a variety of sectors.

eLearn programs include facilitator insights, animation, learner checks and interactive activities with knowledge checks throughout to reinforce learning. Our activities cannot be skipped through to ensure that learners complete in full before proceeding to the next topic.

Virtual group cultural yarning sessions facilitated by a skilled trainer, allows participants to unpack the learnings of the eLearn programs, and conduct self-reflective practices across a range of topics.

Bespoke virtual training programs are interactive, and include case studies and group activities to ensure participants are getting the most from the training.


We offer comprehensive e-learning modules that cater to the crucial needs of organizations and individuals when it comes to working with cultural difference, Aboriginal history, and addressing workplace bullying. Our modules provide invaluable insights and practical guidance, ensuring enhanced cultural sensitivity and fostering inclusion within your work environment. With our modules, you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of cultural diversity, enabling effective communication and the building of strong cross-cultural relationships. Furthermore, our history module promotes reconciliation and cultural respect, while our bullying module equips participants with essential tools to create a safe and supportive atmosphere for all employees. View our eLearn options here.

Virtual Yarning Sessions

Open up a discussion with our Virtual Yarning Sessions. These sessions have been carefully crafted to facilitate meaningful dialogue and cultural exchange in a convenient digital format. Led by our knowledgeable facilitators, these sessions provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to engage in open and respectful conversations surrounding Indigenous cultures, history, and perspectives. Through these virtual yarning sessions, participants are empowered to share their experiences, ask questions, and develop a deeper understanding of First Nations people and communities. By fostering cultural awareness and building connections, our sessions contribute to strengthening relationships, enhancing cultural competence, and promoting reconciliation within organisations and communities alike.

Bespoke Virtual Group Sessions

If you want a session that goes beyond our training scope, consider our Bespoke Virtual Group Sessions. With our expert trainers at the helm, these sessions create a culturally safe haven for participants to delve into thought-provoking case studies and openly share their on-the-job experiences that go beyond standard training boundaries. By providing this exclusive platform, we empower participants to explore real-world scenarios, tackle challenges, and celebrate successes in a supportive and confidential environment. Through deep analysis, reflection, and engaging discussions, participants enhance their understanding and application of cultural competence concepts. Our bespoke virtual group sessions enable organisations to address nuanced issues, develop practical strategies, and cultivate an inclusive workplace culture that embraces diverse perspectives and experiences.

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