CCC Director Leads NTIBN

At Cross Cultural Consultants we’re always interested in getting involved with the growing number of Indigenous businesses in the Northern Territory. There is so much potential in the workforce for both Indigenous businesses and Indigenous workers, and we want to see both flourish in the Northern Territory and Australia wide. That is why we are excited to announce that our Director Jason Elsegood is now officially the Chairperson of the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network.

The Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN) is the peak body for Northern Territory Indigenous businesses, and widely recognised by business, industry and government. NTIBN aims to strengthen the capacity of Indigenous businesses and bring a representative voice to the issues that affect them in the Northern Territory. They provide business support, service provision, policy input and advice, and networking and promotional opportunities for Northern Territory businesses.

When Jason was offered the voluntary position as Chairperson of the NTIBN he jumped at the opportunity. Both he, and the rest of the CCCNT team are excited to be affiliated with the NTIBN, as well as being certified NTIBN members. As a local Indigenous business ourselves, we see the importance of supporting and encouraging the continuation and growth of Indigenous business in the Northern Territory.