Instructor-Led Training Solutions

Cross Cultural Consultants offers a range of instructor-led courses that are designed to

Walking in Two Worlds

Walking in Two Worlds is a course designed to combat the lack of cross cultural training available to  Aboriginal people.

The training turns the perspective of most cross cultural training programs around, exploring the deeper effects of an alternative cultural framework within these groups, and the concepts of bi-culturalism.

Working with Cultural Difference

Working with Cultural Difference is a training course intended for individuals, companies and teams working either long-term or short-term in a cross cultural environment.

This course specifically assists people to better understand, work and communicate with Aboriginal people across a number of contexts and settings. The principals for working cross culturally can then be applied across other non-western cultures.

Working Effectively with Communities

Aimed at improving the capacity of people to work more effectively in and with Aboriginal communities, this course is suitable for employees and employers at all levels.

For companies with teams based or visiting these communities, the two-day Working Effectively with Communities training gives participants an opportunity to pick up on the much-needed skills and knowledge required to better engage with people in community settings.

Working Across Cultures

A workshop suited for staff working in a variety of cross cultural environments, Working Across Cultures promotes cultural awareness skills among staff that can be applied to a number of different cross cultural settings.

Over one to three days, Cross Cultural Consultants trainers tackle the core issues in working in a cross-cultural setting, and how to combat them for a flexible and conflict-free productive workspace.


Cross Cultural Consultants offers a one-day mentoring course intended to train existing and future mentors to better undertake their roles in a cross-cultural context.

The course provides participants with skills, tools and methods to make them more effective mentors, in a number of culturally varied settings.

Any company with a current cross-cultural mentoring program, or with plans for a future one, should consider implementing this course.