CCC commenced business in 1989 to fill a perceived gap across cross cultural training, stakeholder and community engagement. Evolving from a single person business, as our team expanded, so did our concepts, ideals and values, creating a diversified and dynamic Company.

We recognised the need for flexible, independent cross culturally focused training services to support effective engagement with Aboriginal people, communities, organisations and key stakeholders.

We also recognised the reluctance of many people to engage effectively with Aboriginal people, communities and organisations, based on apprehension and a lack of knowledge about how to connect with them in a culturally responsive and appropriate way.

Working alongside our clients and communities, we build on the foundations to build the capacity of individuals, communities and organisations to work effectively across cultures and deliver culturally appropriate and responsive outcomes.

Our team has more than 30 years of personal experiences living and working cross-culturally, including strong connections with extensive family and community networks.

Our Values

We will respect & embrace diversity – there’s no other way

We will be culturally sensitive – it’s what we do

We will display integrity & trust – we are all partners together

We will strive for constant improvement and drive change

Our Mission & Vision

Cross Cultural Consultants will lead the business community by providing cutting edge, responsive and socially minded services that; Develop social, Economic and Cultural participation,

Whilst providing reinvestment activities which; Improves opportunities for our clients and the broader community.

We will be the preferred Consultants to improve our client’s business in Australia by; Ensuring that all opportunities for Social, Economic & Cultural Development, integrates best practice Community Engagement & Cultural Responsiveness to achieve the best outcomes.

Our Team

Cross Cultural Consultants has a small core Team and diverse group of Partners & Consultants. Our talented team combines facilitation skills with technical, sector and culturally specific expertise, working across all sectors. This includes Government Departments, Not for Profit, Community and Aboriginal Organisations, Mining, Oil and Gas Companies, as well as Private and Corporate Enterprises.

In assigning teams for specific client training or engagement projects, we consider gender, culture, skills and experience to ensure the best people possible are on the job.

Underpinning all levels of our work are our core values, which prioritise cross cultural sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability; participation in learning and strengths-based capacity development.


  • Extensive experience in remote consultation with culturally and linguistically diverse groups.
  • Thorough knowledge of the Northern Territory and the existing frameworks, policies and strategies relating to Aboriginal self-determination.
  • Connections with remote Aboriginal communities, key stakeholders and Government agencies.
  • Understanding and experience of program and policy development, strategies and engagement design for effective community participation.


  • Gender
  • Authority
  • Time
  • Language
  • Kinship System
  • Connection to Country
Jason Elsegood | Director

Jason Elsegood | Director

Jason is an Aboriginal business entrepreneur, cross cultural trainer, stakeholder & community engagement expert and client broker with extensive professional and familial connections throughout Darwin, remote and regional areas of the Northern Territory and Australia. He has experience working across all industry sectors, Government and non-Government.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Aboriginal Community Management and Development) with Honours, and is passionate about increasing real opportunities and successful outcomes for Indigenous Australians, businesses and their communities.

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Phone: 08 8912 2515

Marissa Elsegood | Manager

Marissa Elsegood | Manager

As Manager at Cross Cultural Consultants, Marissa is responsible the overall management of project and financial activities, including all team requirements. As the primary contact for our clients, she fields most inquiries and is usually at the forefront of our projects.

She has supported various project contracts across all sectors, including Training, Civil Construction, Community & Stakeholder Consultation, Employment, Health, Education, Industry Briefings, Indigenous Business Enterprise Development and Community Services.

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Phone: 08 8912 2512

Bodhi Pastor-Elsegood

Bodhi Pastor-Elsegood

Analyst & Engagement Consultant

Bodhi is a soon-to-be law graduate with a strong interest in cross cultural environments. Having lived between Australia and Southeast Asia throughout his early life, Bodhi has gained broad experience engaging with people in different cultural contexts.

Bodhi undertakes project research and writing and cross cultural services, working with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors. He also manages CCC’s engagement platforms, and assists in our community and stakeholder engagement activities.

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Phone: 08 8912 2511

Helen Byron

Helen Byron

Finance Manager

Helen has supported various project contracts across all sectors, including Labour Hire, Training, Civil, Construction, Mining, Defence, Aboriginal communities and organisations. She is the manager of finance and also project budget expert.

Helen also manages the team’s travel logistics and supports the team with our current projects.

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Phone: 08 8912 2510

Larissa Mills

Larissa Mills

Administration Manager

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Phone: 08 8912 2510