Policy and Program Design, Review, Planning & Advice

Cross Cultural Consultants is your trusted partner for cross-cultural policy and program solutions. With years of experience in Policy and Program Design, Review, Planning, and Advice, we offer expert guidance and support to ensure your initiatives are culturally relevant and effective.

What is Policy and Program Design, Review, Planning, and Advice?

Cross Cultural Consultants’ offers a comprehensive Policy and Program Design, Review, Planning and Advice services, aimed at guiding individuals, organisations, and initiatives toward success. You can think of it as a one-stop solution for turning big ideas into actionable plans and policies. Our team assist in designing policies and programs, much like creating a blueprint for a building, ensuring they align with your goals and cultural considerations. This encompasses Program Review, to delve into your plan and improve for optimal results, Narrative Design and Advice, to craft engaging and culturally relevant stories for all audiences, and Strategy Review and Advice, a service working to enhance existing approaches to make them more effective and inclusive. The CCC team are your partner in navigating the complexities of policies and programs while respecting diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Program Review

Our Program Review services are instrumental in assessing the effectiveness of existing initiatives and uncovering opportunities for improvement. An excellent example of our program review expertise is our work with the IMPACT program, developed and run by the Foundation for Young Australians.

In the case of IMPACT, we left no stone unturned. Our team conducted a thorough review that included personal one-on-one interviews and an online confidential survey, engaging with stakeholders directly. This in-depth approach allowed us to gain valuable insights into the program’s successes and areas where it could be enhanced.

Our review identified opportunities for FYA to better deliver enterprise skills and improve post-school pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and young people. By leveraging our comprehensive program evaluation, you can ensure that your initiatives are not only successful but also culturally responsive.

Narrative Design and Advice

Narratives play a crucial role in conveying information, especially to individuals with varying literacy levels and cultural backgrounds. Our Narrative Design and Advice services focus on crafting compelling, culturally relevant narratives that resonate with your target audience.

One of our standout projects involved working as a part of a collaborative team to develop a narrative that would be culturally and contextually relevant for Male Aboriginal Offenders coming before the courts or being considered for release from incarceration under Conditions of Release.  Our goal was to create a narrative that was relevant both culturally and contextually, easily accessible for individuals with low literacy and numeracy, and available on iPads and other mobile devices as an application. Its intention as to reduce the rate of re-offending of Aboriginal men subject to conditional release, through the use of first language tools to successfully explain their obligations.

As a part of this process, focus groups were held with Aboriginal people in Darwin and from remote communities to identify the most common dilemmas and challenges faced by men on conditional release.

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure Story’ was developed that created probable points of decision for men under supervision that would require them to make a choice between following their conditions of release or choosing an alternative and illustrating what the consequences might be. This approach empowered individuals to make informed choices.

Once developed, CCC undertook a community engagement process for the new tool to be trialled in Yolngu Matha speaking remote communities along the Arnhem Land Coast and in Holtze Prison to test its effectiveness.

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