Working with Cultural Difference

Cross Cultural Consultants’ Working with Cultural Difference is a training course intended for individuals, companies and teams working either long-term or short-term in a cross cultural environment.

This course specifically assists people to better understand, work and communicate with Aboriginal people across a number of contexts and settings. The principals for working cross culturally can then be applied across other non-western cultures.

The Working with Cultural Difference course has also been delivered to large areas of the Australian mainstream public sector, with high rates of success and positive participant feedback.

Working with Cultural Difference Outcomes

Cross Cultural Consultants have worked to make the Working with Cultural Difference course a useful training tool that can be referred to and built upon over the participant’s working life. Like all of the CCC courses, Working with Cultural Difference is based on a series of learning outcomes and is made up of a number of individual modules.

In particular, participants of the Working with Cultural Difference course will:

  • Explore

    Explore key areas of cultural difference between the core values of their own home cultures and Aboriginal cultures

  • Develop

    Develop a knowledge of the important differences between Aboriginal  and Anglo-Australian manners, communication styles, and rules of sensitive communication

  • Identify

    Identify some of the potential areas of miscommunication that arise between the cultures, and how these might be addressed and in some cases avoided

  • Discuss

    Discuss why mainstream Australian cultures and Aboriginal  perspectives of contact history are so fundamentally different, while outlining major historic periods and landmarks in that shared history