Working with Cultural Difference e-Learn

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Cross Cultural Consultants’ Working with Cultural Difference e-Learn course is aimed at people from a variety of backgrounds who are working in an Indigenous context. The course works to assist participants, who are usually working either long-term or short-term in Indigenous settings, to better understand, work and communicate, with people of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

Specifically, the Working with Cultural Difference course provides participants with skills and strategies that they can use to communicate more efficiently, and work more effectively, with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and cultures.

The Working with Cultural Difference course has also been delivered to large areas of the Australian mainstream public sector, with high rates of success and positive participant feedback.

Working with Cultural Difference e-Learn Outcomes

Cross Cultural Consultants have worked to make the Working with Cultural Difference e-Learn a useful training tool that can be referred to and built upon over the participant’s working life.

The course is not intended to replace face to face delivery or participatory learning through hands on workshops. It is to fill the current gap across inductive processes and deliver a consistent message of the importance of being culturally aware and competent. It is intended that people who are working more intensively in Indigenous service delivery or policy development impacting on Indigenous service delivery to attend the extended suits of facilitated workshops offered by Cross Cultural Consultants.

Like all of the CCC courses, Working with Cultural Difference is based on a series of learning outcomes and is made up of a number of individual modules.
In particular, participants of the Working with Cultural Difference course will:

  • Explore

    Explore key areas of why Cross Cultural Training is important to work effectively across cultures

  • Distinguish

    Distinguish the differences between Surface Culture and Deep Culture

  • Recognise

    Recognise some of the invisible rules that exist within Cultures

  • Understand

    Understand differences between Individualist and Collectivist Cultures