Working Across Cultures

Working Across Cultures is a workshop designed for staff working in a variable cross-cultural environment, and aims to promote their competency in cultural awareness. Participants come to the workshop from a variety of backgrounds, and the course is suitable for staff working in multicultural teams or with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, as well as for international staff working at home or overseas.

Following consultation with the client about their needs, the Working Across Cultures training course can be presented over one day, or for as long as three days. The length of the course is entirely adjustable for your company, depending on the depth of understanding required.

Working Across Cultures Outcomes

Working Across Cultures aims to improve the ability of staff at all levels to work with people from cultures that differ from their own. As each group may have different needs depending on their cultural background, the overall outcomes of the Working Across Cultures course may change.

However, at a base level all participants will:

  • Develop

    Develop a framework for understanding cross-cultural interactions, through an understanding of culture itself

  • Understand

    Understand some of the challenges of, and strategies for living and working effectively across cultures

  • Learn

    Learn the role these challenges play in the sustainable development of a cross-cultural workplace through building capacity and working with their team