Cross Cultural Mentoring

Cross Cultural Consultants’ mentoring workshops are designed to increase awareness and capacity for conducting mentoring within cross cultural settings. The workshop allows participants to share, develop and adapt their skills and tools to make them more effective mentees and mentors in these contexts. Clients should consider this course if their staff are involved in mentoring experiences where those being mentored have different cultural values and patterns, or if they are developing cross cultural mentoring programs and strategies.

Our trainers take participants through a number of structured learning and interactive exercises during the workshop that are designed to explore practical cross cultural mentoring approaches.

Learning Outcomes

Cross Cultural Consultants divides the workshop into a series of learning outcomes.

This means that throughout the course all participants will:

  • Explore

    Explore key concepts in mentoring as a tool for capacity building

  • Identify

    Identify issues and challenges in their current or future mentoring roles

  • Share

    Share strategies, skills and resources for effectively mentoring others

  • Discuss

    Discuss approaches to managing the challenges that are associated with cross-cultural mentoring