Training & Professional Development

Cross Cultural Consultants has designed and developed Agency, Aboriginal and NT specific learning programs and projects for the Northern Territory Government including;

  • eLearning programs and licensing
  • Aboriginal specific Mentoring and Coaching programs
  • Bullying and Harassment programs
  • Workplace Health and Safety programs


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Mentoring program

Cross Cultural Consultants designed and delivered Mentoring training specifically for Aboriginal Staff, including both mentors and mentees. This training was to support career progression and retention within the NT Government Department of Health. The Department initially introduced the program to support Aboriginal staff that were having challenges within the agency. The program was highly evaluated, and discussions are occurring for future and ongoing programs.

Cross Cultural Consultants has provided induction and support program and training to the Aborignal Employment Program Unit since its inception. The agency provides the program in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs to recruit, train and assist participants to gain qualifications and work towards long term employment positions. We are proud supporters of the program and look forward to seeing its success into the future and all the participants with their new careers in the NT Government.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Career Development

Cross Cultural Consultants designed and developed an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff training program aimed to improve workforce and career development within the Health Department. This two-day course was aligned to the NTG Capability Leadership Framework and provided participants with an opportunity to look at their current career path and plan where and how to grow skills and increase capacity to move up in their current workforce position.


Cross Cultural Training & Support

Cross Cultural Consultants have worked extensively with BMD Group, working towards the organisations goal of creating a culture that values and utilises the contributions of people from different backgrounds, and have been a part of the process of the company rolling out cultural awareness training at a national level. CCC recognises the enormous impact this kind of training has on helping the company to achieve their goal of improving opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, both within their project and corporate workforces. Our own role in this has been providing the BMD Group with over 45 courses delivered across Australia that have involved more than 1,000 of their workforce.

Cross Cultural Consultants works with the McArthur River Mine (Glencore) to support their cultural respect strategy and the actions within the strategy to ensure that it is rolled out effectively across the business. CCC provides a suite of services for MRM including cross cultural training, a cultural support hotline, and the design of resource materials to support continued and long term learning across the company. CCC is proud to have worked with MRM for 10 years and congratulates them on the roll out of their new cultural respect strategy.