Cross Cultural Training For Government

Cross Cultural Consultants is proud to be listed as a Northern Territory Government (NTG) panel contract training provider for the Northern Territory Public Service (NTPS) Cross Cultural Training Framework. We provide pre-approved training packages to government departments, but these courses can be modified and contextualised to suit the individual needs of any department or sector on request.

Our professional training corresponds to the five key areas of cross cultural training outlined Northern Territory Government including:

  • Basic Cross Cultural Awareness Training

    For all NTPS staff

  • In-Depth Cross Cultural Training

    For frontline staff and those designing programs and service delivery

  • Training for Managers of Multi-Cultural Teams

    For all managers particularly those with Indigenous staff

  • Reverse Cross Cultural Training

    For Indigenous staff

  • Cross Cultural Training for Senior Managers

    For senior managers to inform policy development and other strategic decision making

Please have a look at these five areas in detail below, and contact us to bring our unique brand of cross cultural training to your staff now. Cross Cultural Consultants also provides health-specific training to the Department of Health, within their own individual training parameters, as well as other tailored courses.