We Work With…

What We Do

  • Design

    Design and deliver a range of participatory learning programs and tools focused on understanding the role of culture in implementing development programs.

  • Undertake

    Undertake evaluation and assessment activities to build the capacity of individuals, programs, projects and organisations to work effectively across cultures and deliver culturally responsive outcomes.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with other stakeholders in delivering inputs to development throughout the process from design through to final evaluation.

  • Train

    Train development practitioners in frameworks, strategies and tools for working effectively with counterparts across cultures to build capacity. We use a unique suite of current practical examples and tools that model best practice.

Our Experience

At Cross Cultural Consultants, we pride ourselves on bringing over 30 years of experience into each of our client interactions and relationships.

This wealth of experience spans Training and Professional Development, Reconciliation Action Planning, Review and Development, Policy and Program Design, Review, Planning and Advice and Community and Stakeholder Engagement.