Our Story

CCC commenced business in 1989 to fill a perceived gap across cross cultural training and community engagement areas. Evolving from a single person business, as our team expanded, so did our concepts, ideals and values, creating a diversified and dynamic Company.

We recognised the need for flexible, independent cross-culturally focused training services to support effective engagement with Indigenous people, Communities, Organisations and Key stakeholders.

We also recognised the reluctance of many people to engage effectively with Indigenous people, Communities and Organisations, based on apprehension and a lack of knowledge about how to connect with Indigenous people.

Working alongside Government Departments, Not for Profit, Community and Indigenous Organisations, Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas Companies, as well as Private and Corporate Enterprise, we are building the capacity of Individuals, Communities and Organisations to work effectively across cultures and to deliver sound Community & Stakeholder Engagement Frameworks, including Social, Policy and Cultural Impacts.

Our team has more than twenty years of personal experiences living and working cross-culturally, including extensive Indigenous family and community networks.