Cross Cultural Consultants is now able to offer our clients two unique workshops that are entirely focused on building the necessary skills required for facilitating in cross-cultural contexts.

These are:

Introduction to Facilitation (one-day)

This workshop is ideal for participants who are coming to cross-cultural facilitation from an space of little to no experience. Cross Cultural Consultants’ trainers will assist participants in sharing, developing and adapting their strengths, skills and tools for cross-cultural facilitation.

Advanced Facilitation Skills and Tools (one-day)

A follow-on course from the Introduction to Facilitation workshop, the Advanced Facilitation Skills and Tools training is the next step in becoming a successful facilitator. The course allows participants to reflect on their practice and exercise their skills in a supervised environment with a number of exercises. This workshop also explores the challenges that someone in the role of a facilitator might face, particularly in relation to gender, culture, organisational issues and conflict in facilitation.

Please Note:

Attendance to the Introduction to Facilitation workshop is a pre-requisite for attending the Advanced Facilitation Skills and Tools course.